Weight training does NOT make women bulky!

Due to the fact that women do not produce as much testosterone as males do, it is impossible for a woman to gain huge amounts of muscle mass. The image that may come to mind is of professional female body builders. Many of those women unfortunately use anabolic steroids along with other drugs in order to achieve that high degree of muscularity. In addition, most also have good genetics that enable them to gain muscle quickly when they spend hours in the gym lifting VERY HEAVY WEIGHTS. They do not look like that by accident. Women who weight train without the use of steroids get the firm and fit cellulite-free looking body that you see in most fitness shows these days.

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Remember that only you control what goes into your mouth. Food does not control you! Amy Beckenstein of Rockbottom Fitness Tampa says, keep your house free from any foods that are not good for you and always remember to prepare all your meals the day before. That way you limit the amount of times you’ll be tempted.

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Rockbottom Fitness Tampa, Why weight train?

Weight training is the # one way to re-sculpt your body. It is by far superior to any other form of exercise because it is the only way that can shape your body and increase your metabolism permanently. This is vital since a slow metabolism is at the root of obesity. Amy Beckenstein of Rock bottom Fitness finds it ridiculous how some so-called “fitness experts” believe that aerobic excercise alone provides the key to the perfect physique. These “authorities” are wrong and need to educate themselves by learning the facts.

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Training and exercise to strengthen your brain!

Did you know that exercise helps your brain? Amy Beckenstein of Rock bottom Fitness, Tampa says, exercise prevents memory loss, it relieves anxiety and depression and increases blood flow to the brain which can carry over to learning new skills!!!

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