Amy Magliulo - 20+ Years of Training Experience

What Her Clients Say

  • I have been working out with Amy for 4 years. Initially, I was a little skepical of the whole "personal ...
  • Thank you for having a wonderful oasis for me to not only transform myself, but also for me to release ...
  • Eight years ago I realized my health and fitness could no longer be pushed aside simply because of a ...

There are countless individuals who have a "job" which they wake up and go to every morning. There are countless more still that have a "career" which they pursue. There are only however, a select few of us who find and live out our true "passion" in life. Luckily, for a great many Tampa Bay residents one of those select few is Amy Magliulo, owner of Rock Bottom Fitness.

Born in New York 57 years ago, Amy relocated to Tampa in 1988 where she settled and raised her two wonderful children Lucas and Sonja. It wasn't until one serendipitous afternoon in her early 30's while shopping for a swim suit that she looked into a three way mirror and didn't like the person that was staring back at her.

Within 24 hours Amy hired a personal trainer. Within weeks she discovered her passion! Before long, Amy couldn't wait for her next session as she watched her body transform back to the toned hard body she was instead of the "mommy body" she had become.

Amy trained hard and read voraciously about anything relating to fitness, from proper diet and exercise techniques to breaking through the plateaus of negative thinking. All of the tools necessary for taking control of your mind and body were dissected and perfected. Amy went on to get her personal fitness training certification going from student to teacher to widely respected Fitness competitor and local TV show "fitness guru". Today, Amy is busy operating Rock Bottom Fitness along with her hand selected team of certified personal trainers. She is living her passion transforming bodies in Tampa one personalized session at a time. She is a true inspiration and shows no signs of slowing down!

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